Modernization of contemporary housing, the new constructive principle of town-planning and the search for the most comfortable forms of residing in a big city have developed the most perfect concept of the 21st century apartment. It must be not only comfortable and reliable in every way. Moreover, the place of your permanent residence must bring joy and instill assurance in that "You are a Personality!" That means that «Gulustan Residence» not only is a comfortable complex, but also stands out with its remarkable beauty. In short, it is perfect in all respects. It is a reality which is now already characteristic of the capital city of Azerbaijan.

On the whole, the style of the complex is that of "modernized" art-decor. Volumetric composition with image-bearing elements is developed in the exclusive style of Baku post-modernism, which again proves the advantages of the project. The upper and lower corners of a segment are flanked with two 17-floor towers, the third 13-floor block of flats encloses the complex's composition from the east forming a courtyard protected from wind, noise and dust of the city streets.

Absheron limestone, as well as aluminium and copper panels, bronze, chromed metals and modern materials from Japan have been widely applied in the decoration of the facade. The lighting system is from the «iGuzzini» firm.

For the first time in Azerbaijan the copper roofing material from the "KME" concern is presented. The surprising durability and rich outward appearance of this roofing material have won it deserved recognition as best for construction of the most different architectural objects. Elasticity of copper enables its usage in montage of roofs of extremely complex shapes. The facade is covered with fireproof composite material «Alpolic/FR» of the world-famous «Mitsubishi Chemicals» firm.

The upper part of the complex's towers will accommodate a bronze bas-relief reflecting the milestones in the history of Azerbaijan culture.

Строительство второго корпуса подходит к концу


Расположение комплекса, его инфраструктура, богатство и красота явно говорят о неординарности мышления его авторов, профессиональном стремлении построить самый лучший Дом, идеальный во всех отношениях. «Gulustan» - достойное произведение архитектурного искусства, обогащенное эксклюзивным дизайном.