More than two thirds of the buyers of expensive apartments explain their purchase as an aspiration to change the everyday life for the better, to brighten it up with exquisite comfort characteristic of a stylish image and to enjoy the design developed by professionals.

Rich sophistication expects the visitors inside the complex. The spacious lobby shines with valuable sorts of marble; the floors and separation walls are faced with soundproof and heat-insulating material produced by the Danish «Rockwool» company; the speedy and noiseless elevators of the Swiss «Schindler» firm will give pleasure with its interior finishing from valuable sorts of wood and granite. Sparkling mirrors, carpeted entrance halls, live plants, soft nice lighting, central air conditioning, ventilation and heating system, and a great many of unobtrusive details will complete the image of dignity and prosperity characteristic of the apartment owners in «Gulustan Residence».

A six-phase water purification system and an elite sound-absorbing window system «Schuco» imported to Baku from Germany are envisaged in the complex.

There will never be problems with energy supply. Uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed regardless of any unexpected situations, inasmuch as the «Gulustan Residence» is equipped with autonomous power generators which will provide power feed right at the moment the centralized power supply is cut off.

The witty design of every apartment in the «Gulustan Residence» stipulates the principle of maximal openness and merging of spaces and rooms, allowing to flexibly change the layout of rooms in view of the owner's individual desires.

Строительство второго корпуса подходит к концу


Расположение комплекса, его инфраструктура, богатство и красота явно говорят о неординарности мышления его авторов, профессиональном стремлении построить самый лучший Дом, идеальный во всех отношениях. «Gulustan» - достойное произведение архитектурного искусства, обогащенное эксклюзивным дизайном.