The results of marketing research in construction show that the «Gulustan Residence» rules out any problems that may spoil the mood of the building residents. The foundation of the complex is so sound that it doesn't "fear" even a strong earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale.

From the very beginning, construction of the «Gulustan Residence» was preformed in correspondence with the international standards of quality and seismic safety. The quality of reinforcement and concrete mixtures underwent repeated tests in independent foreign laboratories. In other words, ecologically pure and the most reliable construction materials and the best casing of the German PERI brand were used during erection of the «Gulustan Residence» to guarantee an ideally smooth surface of walls, ceilings and reliability of the building as a whole.

Apart from that, dampproofing of the foundation and the entire building has been done with polyurethane compositions prepared on basis of modern technologies with application of materials prepared on basis of nanotechnologies such as construction membranes from the world-famous DUPONT company, in particular.

"Citу Center" is the first building, the design of which provides for the installation features of construction: owing to the peculiar layout of the building there will always be fresh air in the 2000 m2 yard. The high construction quality of the «Gulustan Residence» is guaranteed with professionalism and longstanding experience of a team of specialists in the field of town planning. The architects, designer general and other responsible persons regularly control the process of construction.

Строительство второго корпуса подходит к концу


Расположение комплекса, его инфраструктура, богатство и красота явно говорят о неординарности мышления его авторов, профессиональном стремлении построить самый лучший Дом, идеальный во всех отношениях. «Gulustan» - достойное произведение архитектурного искусства, обогащенное эксклюзивным дизайном.