The owners of apartments in «Gulustan Residence» automatically get an opportunity to make use of many important services the operative activity of which will be valued by all family members.

The complex possesses everything to meet the everyday household needs: goods and food from supermarket will be delivered to you at any time; while the dry cleaning, laundry and drugstore of the «Gulustan Residence» will operatively execute all orders.

All for a festive dinner: the most delicious dishes cooked by experienced world cuisine chefs of restaurants located on the first floor of the complex will be immediately delivered to the apartment of the orderer.

All for sports, health and beauty: swimming pool, fitness center, saunas, Jacuzzi, beauty salons, spa-center, etc.

All for business meetings and organizational events: a conference-hall and video presentation service, all needed for reception of foreign delegations, high-speed Internet and satellite cable TV, underground garage, car-wash and car attendance, plus guest parking.

Apart from that, the complex envisages round-the-clock services of a concierge and technical specialists of the building's maintenance service.

Строительство второго корпуса подходит к концу


Расположение комплекса, его инфраструктура, богатство и красота явно говорят о неординарности мышления его авторов, профессиональном стремлении построить самый лучший Дом, идеальный во всех отношениях. «Gulustan» - достойное произведение архитектурного искусства, обогащенное эксклюзивным дизайном.